Where’s Your Fourth Step?

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I’ve been sober over 16 years and during this time I’ve written over 10 annual Fourth Step Inventories, 1,000’s of Spot Check Inventories, and over 10,000 Journal Entries using paper and pen, computer spreadsheets, and word documents.

What’s really scary is the fact that I have no idea where any of these are located today. My paper written inventories may be tucked away in an old clothes drawer in my parents basement… My computer inventories may be saved on one of my old computers in an unencrypted format… I really have no idea.

My Wife Read My Journal

Wife Angry After Reading Husbands Fourth Step InventoryTo make it easy for me to remember to journal each night I used to keep my journal in a drawer next to my bed. One night I forgot and left it sitting out on my side of the bed. My wife didn’t recognize the notebook as being my personal diary/journal and picked it up and started reading it. Unfortunately the first page she read was one that I had written several weeks before when I was feeling guilty over the lustful feelings I was having toward a woman at work!

I quickly learned that day why the big book says to discuss your resentments and fears with someone who will not be greatly affected by them. I have never been unfaithful to my wife or acted on any of these lustful urges and had already thoroughly discussed this issue with my sponsor several weeks before and moved on but now I was forced to discuss it again with my wife of all people. And to make matters worse she was on bed rest at the time recovering from a miscarriage with our second child! This was NOT good for our relationship.

His Wife Read His Fourth Step

Wife Finds Fourth Step While Cleaning Under Couch Luckily my sponsor forewarned me to make sure to keep my fourth step hidden from my wife in a secure location. One of his previous sponsees thought they had hidden their fourth step in a secure location underneath his couch but it wasn’t secure enough because his wife did in fact find his fourth step. Some of the things he had written in his fourth step were so damaging to his relationship with his wife that they got a divorce. Unfortunately this is not the only time I’ve heard of this happening to people in the program.

MySpiritualToolkit.com Uses The Same Security as Online Banking to Protect Your Data

Your Fourth Step is Secure in MySpiritualToolkitAny data you enter into My Spiritual Toolkit is password protected and transmitted over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection using the same security technology as banks. Next, your data is encrypted a second time before being saved to the database so that no one but you will ever see your data.

This is infinitely more secure than storing your resentments and journal entries on a piece of paper or local computer where anyone can find them. But if it makes you feel more secure when entering resentments or journal entries on MySpiritualToolkit.com you can always use fake names that only you would recognize.

P.S. You too can start sleeping better at night knowing your Journal Entries and Inventories are password protected and stored in an encrypted format today by using MySpiritualToolkit.com! Login to our Secure Site and give it a try… It could save your marriage! 🙂

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