AA Spot Check Inventory Tool

The purpose of this blog post is to help you learn how to use the the AA Spot Check Inventory feature of MySpiritualToolkit.com (MST) to maintain and strengthen your sobriety.

Mr. Brown AA Spot Check Inventory

Create Mr. Brown Spot-check Inventory Example


I use this feature often when I’m on the go and a resentment crops up.  For example, I was at a party recently and had harsh words with a friend.  Using my smart phone, I was able to quickly do a spot check inventory without anyone even noticing!   I then saw my part and was able to make prompt amends to my friend.


Call your sponsor!

I always try to discuss my resentments with someone in the program, preferably my sponsor but sometimes they’re hard to get a hold of…  Do you think it would be beneficial to have the ability to post a resentment anonymously to a secure forum for feedback from other sober members of MST?  If so, please email me and let me know…


Is there a Mobile App?

I haven’t coded the full mobile version of MST yet, but you can still use MST on your smart phone by logging into MST from your smart phone’s browser here https://secure.myspiritualtoolkit.com.  You may want to bookmark this page for easy access in the future.


Does it time-stamp my AA Spot Check Inventory?

Funny you should ask, yes it does!

Time-stamped AA Spot Check Inventory Example

Time-stamped Spot-Check Inventory Example

MST time-stamps your spot check inventories so that you can look back at what you were resentful about in the past to see patterns in your resentments and hopefully keep them from happening again in the future.  Personally I’ve found it’s also helpful for me to see that some of things that were so painful and scary to me in the past ended up being nothing more than boogeymen.


What’s the best way to enter resentments in MySpiritualToolkit?

The easiest way to enter them is via a keyboard on my computer. However, the beauty of MST is that because it’s a web application you can access your data from any internet enabled device.

For example tonight I did my journal entry on a Mac computer but last night I was able to use my Windows desktop PC. Now, all my spot check inventories are securely stored in one single location. And I don’t have to worry about my wife or anyone else ever finding them. This is much safer than my paper versions that I’ve used in the past but more on that in the next newsletter…


P.S. The next time selfishness, dishonesty, resentment and fear crop up, log in to MySpiritualToolkit.com and give the AA Spot Check Inventory tool a try: https://secure.myspiritualtoolkit.com