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Get Your Daily Reprieve from Sexual Addiction while on the go with the My Sex Addicts Anonymous Toolkit (SAAT) App!

It’s like having Your Sponsor in Your Pocket!

My Sex Addicts Anonymous Toolkit (SAAT) is an exciting new recovery tool for members of SAA. It has a Journal that makes it easy to find time to write in your journal. Just have access to an internet connection at home (computer) or on the go (mobile devices and tablets) and journal via typing.

It also has a Spot Check Inventory that allows you to quickly get rid of resentments when on the go and you can later add more detail via your computer because all data is securely synced to the cloud using the same security as banks!

Just because you’re in recovery doesn’t mean life will slow down. Instead it will move forward, and so must you. Often times moving forward means being on the constant go. In effect, this means that if you’re using journaling as part of your recovery, then you don’t have time to sit down and write your feelings out.

There’s another problem that arises with paper journaling: privacy. If you mistakenly leave your journal out, someone might “accidentally” read it. Although a journal is a private matter and it’s likely closed, people nowadays will still somehow invite themselves to opening your journal; thus, reading your private thoughts.

Oh, what scandals can occur from private information!
It’s so good to know that both of these situations are avoidable – thanks to this SAAT App!

It also has an Abstinence Date Calculator that will help you track how long you’ve abstained from compulsive sexual behavior by total hours, days, months, and years.


In addition to writing our inventories and the list of people we have harmed, most of us have found that writing has been an indispensable tool for working the Steps. Further, putting our thoughts and feelings down on paper, or describing a troubling incident, helps us to better understand our actions and reactions in a way that is often not revealed to us by simply thinking or talking about them. In the past, compulsive sexual behavior was our most common reaction to life. When we put our difficulties down on paper, it becomes easier to see situations more clearly and perhaps better discern any necessary action.

With the journal, you simply type in an entry. Whatever you want to express – anger, sadness, joy, etc. – do so with the assurance that your thoughts will remain private. This is because all data is encrypted; you’re the only person who will have access to it. If you want to add an extra sense of security for your own peace of mind, create a fictitious name.

Remember, however, that you’re the only writer and reader in SAAT’s journal. In addition, you can edit and delete entries at any time.

Gratitude List
If you create a Gratitude List using My SAA Toolkit on a daily or weekly basis it will help you abstain from compulsive sexual behavior!

It’s been proven that if you put aside a minute or two every day to express gratitude for your life you will feel happier, more determined, more energetic, and more optimistic. — This was proven by a series of studies conducted by Psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough.

“What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life.” — Oprah Winfrey

Spot Check Inventories
With Spot Check Inventories, this is an opportunity to quickly express your resentment. When you’re angry, you need to dispose this emotion fast so that it won’t eat at your soul throughout the remainder of the day.

Abstinence Birthday Calculator
– View the amount of time you’ve been abstinent from compulsive sexual behavior each time the app is opened.

Anonymous Icon
– To protect anonymity, the actual app icon does not show references to Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

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