Get Your Daily Reprieve from Alcoholism while on the go with the My Spiritual Toolkit (MST) App!

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It’s like having Your Sponsor in Your Pocket!

My Spiritual Toolkit (MST) is an exciting new sobriety tool for members of Alcoholics Anonymous. It has a Sobriety Journal that makes it easy to find time to write in your journal. Just have access to an internet connection at home (computer) or on the go (mobile devices and tablets) and journal via typing.

It also has a Spot Check Inventory that allows you to quickly get rid of resentments when on the go and you can later add more detail via your computer because all data is securely synced to the cloud using the same security as banks!

Just because you’re a recovering alcoholic doesn’t mean life will slow down. Instead it will move forward, and so must you. Often times moving forward means being on the constant go. In effect, this means that if you’re using journaling as part of your recovery, then you don’t have time to sit down and write your feelings out.

There’s another problem that arises with paper journaling: privacy. If you mistakenly leave your journal out, someone might “accidentally” read it. Although a journal is a private matter and it’s likely closed, people nowadays will still somehow invite themselves to opening your journal; thus, reading your private thoughts.

Oh, what scandals can occur from private information!
It’s so good to know that both of these situations are avoidable – thanks to this MST App!


With the journal, you simply type in an entry. Whatever you want to express – anger, sadness, joy, etc. – do so with the assurance that your thoughts will remain private. This is because all data is encrypted; you’re the only person who will have access to it. If you want to add an extra sense of security for your own peace of mind, create a fictitious name.

Remember, however, that you’re the only writer and reader in MST’s journal. In addition, you can edit and delete entries at any time.

– With Spot Check Inventories, this is an opportunity to quickly express your resentment. When you’re angry, you need to dispose this emotion fast so that it won’t eat at your soul throughout the remainder of the day.

– View your length of sobriety each time the app is opened
– Calculate the length of sobriety of all your friends

– To protect anonymity, the actual app icon does not show references to AA

• Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

How MST Gives You Privacy

While MST eliminates the possibility of losing your journal, it’s even better that it gives you something more priceless: privacy.

As mentioned earlier, all data is encrypted and password protected. Using the same security as banks, your data is transmitted over SSL.

So, go ahead, write whatever you’re feeling. Whether you hate your spouse, feel attracted to someone else, tempted to slap your boss … whatever, just type in your journal without the fear of being discovered and judged.


With the help of journaling, you’re accomplishing the hard task of recovering from alcoholism.

Don’t sacrifice journaling by not having time. And don’t lose your privacy by having it invaded. Instead gain convenience and privacy while on the go with the MST App and

Android app on Google Play

63 Responses to Mobile

  1. I REALLY APPRECIATE THE APP & ITS Free…even better. I fail to journal on paper cuz I get myself all worked up n write pages!! With your app, I can quickly Spot Check myself…write it down n let it go.
    Keepin It Simple. Thanks!!

  2. On my Kindle Fire HD7 this app keeps telling me it doesn’t have any connection to the internet, to connect to the internet in order to Register and I promise I have a full connection to the internet! Will not work

  3. Is there any way to share my spot inventory with people on the app or the Website so that I can receive feedback? I also would like to change my email and my pin for my journal as I believe it’s been compromised. The above email isn’t the email I used when I bought the app. I believe I used But I’m not sure if I still even have access to that email. How do I change my email to where if I get a new phone I can use the new email to download MST without having to pay for it again & how to I change my pin? Thanks so much for your help! ☺

    • To change an email just go to the My Account section in the app and click on the email address and it can be changed there. All premium features will remain with the account no matter what the email is changed to, etc… All the best, Nathan

  4. Where i Clan change The Language? In The AppStore is offerd english and German … German was The reason to spend 9,99€ for this App…:(

    • Sorry it shouldn’t list the language as also being in German. Just email me the Google Play Order Number and I can issue a refund. Nathan

  5. Today is the first time I have ever fought the urge to use, and won. Thanks to some very special people who are in my life at the right time.

  6. I want to email my nightly inventory but I apparently set the default to text. I cannot find a way to set it to email by default. Help me out please?

  7. I just started using the app but every morning when I open it it’s a blank white page and I have to delete and reload. I have a iPhone 6. Help!

  8. I love this app … until it’s not working properly. Which it isn’t. I put together my nightly inventory, enter the email address to send it off and nothing happens. Yet, when I check my “sent” file, it shows that the inventory was emailed. BUT I can’t get the unsent inventory off the app so I can move to something else. Or prepare another inventory. I’ve tried deleting it, erasing it … the only thing that gets it off is to shut my phone off and then turn it back on. Can you help me?

    • Hi, I’m very sorry this appears to be a new bug with iOS 10, I’m going to work to get this fixed this weekend and will have an update available shortly.

  9. Im just restarting my sobriety. Been trying to get a program to help me… Its been just about a nightmare to get someone to help a person whos not court ordered a program. I just am a person who has made a choice for sobriety but cant find resources to help me maitain

  10. Me too Sarah I have been at this since 1989 and I am 58 1/2 years old

    But all We really have is today and that is the most important day and I will stay sober today

    Yet as they say “God willing

  11. my sobrity means the world to me,i was clean for almost 3 years,got a chip the next day,know i have been clean for 4 months,give it up to god and you will be blessed with wounderful thing.

  12. god grant me the serenity to except the things i cannot change the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the differance.

  13. god is good,god grant me the serenity to except the things i cannot change the courage to change the thngs i can and the wisdom to know the differance.

  14. Hi I love the app and send my spot checks and inventories to my sponsor, it works really well except that I am 7yrs sober today and I tried to use the ‘share it with friends’ button however when I try to send it, it sends a link for the my spiritual toolkit and not my sobriety timeline info. Also it does the same when I try to send a gratitude list. Please help.

    • Sorry for this error, The share with friends button can be finicky on Androids. I’ll get this component updated in the next release and hopefully that will fix the problem. Nathan

  15. Thank you God for blessing me with my beautiful daughter!

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change courage to change the things I can the wisdom k the difference.

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