Email Spot Check Inventories

The My Spiritual Toolkit app gives you the ability to email your Spot Check inventories to your sponsor or trusted advisor.

This convenient and easy to use feature will help save time when you are on the go or unable to talk to your sponsor in person.

This is crucial to recovery especially when you have a pressing resentment jeopardizing your sobriety or spirituality.

The Big Book of A.A. talks about the dangers of keeping things to ourselves and that we are only as “sick as our secrets.”  A question on the daily tenth step inventory asks, “Have we kept something to ourselves which should be discussed with another person at once?”  My Spiritual Toolkit will enable you to keep in close contact with your sponsor and others in the AA fellowship.

The following screenshots show how this app works:




4 Responses to Email Spot Check Inventories

  1. Can I email the the entire inventory (or even selected entries) to my sponsor? Or do I have to email each one individually?

    • Hi ABSA, right now each spot check inventory can only be emailed individually. If enough people express interest I may add the ability to bulk email the list. Please post any new ideas to the MST UserVoice where ideas can be voted up by other users so that I can prioritize development:


  2. My sponsee had to pay $4 to text me her inventory !! I never had to do that. I paid for the life time memeber I’ve had the app for a couple years now. Why is it charging to text ? I’m and iPhone user she is an android. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Spotcheck inventories are free to text to sponsors. I do charge $2.99 for the ability to text Nightly Inventories, but I can wave the fee for anyone that needs a hardship discount. Just let me know, all the best, Nathan

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